1. Wash regularly

Remember that a clean beard is a happy beard. You have to wash your beard regularly to keep it looking healthy. Washing your beard helps remove dust particles, dead skin, and other debris such as food and drink particles (happens, right?).

Keep in mind that the hair on your face and the one on your head are different, and so is the skin surrounding it. You should always use dedicated products for beard maintenance. A beard shampoo should be used once or twice a week. Washing your beard more often can dry the hairs which will lead to beard curling, itchiness, and split ends. This is how you do
it: Scoop up warm water in your hands and get your beard nice and wetGet a sufficient amount of beard shampoo on your hands and gently massage it into your facial hair.After getting a good lather going, rinse your beard with warm water.Pat your beard dry with a towel – use gentle movements to prevent causing damage to your hair.

Beard maintenance can be supplemented with beard conditioners or beard masks
for an extra boost of moisture. You might find that you need one,
especially in the winter months.


Beard oils are a must-have product in your daily beard maintenance regimen. It is a product used to supplement the natural oils in your skin. It moisturizes the skin beneath your beard, as well as your facial hair.

- Using beard oil has many advantages:
- Keeps your beard looking fuller
- Keeps your facial hair soft
- It helps promote hair growth
- Helps tame your beard
- Scented versions keep you smelling great


You can use beard balm for conditioning and styling. A beard balm is similar to beard oil, so you don’t have to use both at the
same time. Even though it’s somewhat heavier than the oil, beard balm is the right product if you’re going for a heavier texture.

Using beard balm as a part of your beard maintenance routine can help prevent beard dandruff, itchiness, and it keeps your facial hair hydrated and looking healthy. It’s especially helpful if you live in a place with
harsh environmental conditions. Cold or dry weather can play havoc on
your beard hair.

4. Use a beard brush

You can use a beard brush to help condition your facial hair. Most experts recommend using a beard brush because its bristles
have a special texture that helps sweep away the dust and grime while training your hair to grow in the right direction.

Brushing your whiskers is an essential part of your beard maintenance. It’s an
effective styling tool and it keeps your hairs tame, it helps with hair curling, and it distributes your skin’s natural oils and/or your grooming products (such as beard oil).

Brushing your beard should be a daily activity that you can do in the morning or after you shower. Keep in mind that too much brushing or using the wrong brush may lead to skin irritation or split ends. Using a brush with natural hairs can also prevent that ultra-annoying static buildup.

Brush your beard starting with the hairs underneath by using a lifting
motion. This part will help loosen any dirt or grime inside your beard and it will help add volume. Finish your brushing with downward motions on the surface of your beard to bring your hairs in the right direction and tame and strays.