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Stached™ - Beard Pen (1+1 Free)

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  • Your best beard yet
  • All-day play
  • Fully natural look
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Discover Hollywood's 2-Minute Secret To a perfectly contoured, fuller beard.

Enjoy the confidence of having a perfect beard. Our barbershop-quality pens guarantee a natural look that cannot be seen by the naked eye.
Eliminate patches and thin facial hair. Four micro-fork tips evenly fill up gaps in your beard and mustache for a full look.
all-day play
Never worry about smudges or fading. Our unique HydroShield® formula guarantees up to 24 hours of sweat and water-resistant perfection.
It takes no longer than 2 minutes to add Stached to your morning routine. You are just 3 simple steps away from a fuller beard.

Are you done with Those
Patches and thin spots
in your beard?

A thick, full beard is one of the hallmarks of manliness.

You know the type of beards we mean. The ones that are blessed with a thick, full inlay of hairs. The ones with perfect contours. The ones without any patches.

How would you feel if you were able to have a beard of that caliber, every single day?

Whether you are in the first stages of growing your beard or you’re already rocking something a little more serious, chances are you have been wanting something fuller. Something bolder.

However, the reality is that your beard growing ability is largely determined by your genetics. There isn’t all that much you can do about that—short of becoming a walking science experiment.

Luckily, there now is an easier way.

Instantly enjoy the confidence
of having a fuller beard
that lasts all day

We made Stached™ just for you. It’s a no-nonsense, easy-to-use way for you to fill up gaps and thin spots in your beard and mustache - instantly.

Wear Stached™ for a full and natural look, without awkward lines or unwanted attention.

A perfectly contoured beard will be a choice from now on. A choice that you will be happy to make every single morning, knowing it will last you all day and you will only need 2 minutes of your time to apply it.

Enjoy an instant masculinity boost that will give you an edge when going to parties, school, work, or dates.

Can you image the benefits this will give you for time to come?

Our 3 base colors work with 97% of beards. Using your gut feeling when picking your color will most likely be all you have to do.

Try it out for yourself to see the difference it will make.

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1+1 FREE
Stached™ - Beard Pen (1+1 Free)

    17 reviews


  • Fuller beard in seconds
  • Sweatproof & water-resistant
  • 14-day guarantee
Low Stock
Low Stock
"This made my patches disappear, crazy how natural it blended in. Best pencil I have ever used and actually lasts.” - Garett Hilton

how to use it
in 3 easy steps

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  •  Step 3
Cleanse and rinse your face and beard thoroughly with water
Gently sweep the beard pen across your beard in the direction of hair growth.
Once you’ve filled in all the gaps, brush your beard for enhanced, natural-looking definition.

Your questions answered

Shipping information

We offer free shipping on all orders over $40. Due to our sale our products are in high demand, which has caused minor shipping delays.  Currently, these are our shipping times. 

United States & Canada: 5-15 days
Worldwide: 10 - 16 days

All orders are carefully examined and packaged by our quality assesment team prior to shipping. This way, we ensure supreme quality for all our customers. Orders are usually processed within 1-2 business days.

Our iron-clad money-back guarantee

All of our products have been carefully crafted because we create on purpose. In fact, we are so confident you will love our products we offer a 14-day risk-free money-back guarantee. Try it out with zero risk and see for yourself if you like it.

Are tracking numbers provided and is there package insurance?
Yes! Every order comes with a tracking number and can be easily tracked straight from our website. That way you can always know your package is safe an on its way to your doorstep.
How does this work?
Our beard pen uses a four-pronged micro-fork tip to create hair-like brush strokes that seamlessly blend with your beard. The included brush allows you to blend in the strokes to create a natural look that lasts all day.
Do you have my color?
Yes! Our 3 base colors work with 97% of beards. Your gut instinct will probably be right when choosing your color. If the color for whatever reason does not fit your beard we will refund you promptly.

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