Blessinova™ Korean Protein Thread Lifting Set - Enjoy Younger, Tighter Skin In Weeks

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Protects your skin from signs of aging without syringes, scalpels, or side effects

Does your skin look tired and saggy? Do people often think you are older than you really are? Almost none of us have flawless skin, yet we all crave it.

The Blessinova™ Korean Protein Thread Lifting Set is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to combat and prevent signs of aging quickly, effectively and naturally. Whether you're in your 30s, 60s, or beyond, you can benefit from the Korean Protein Lifting Threading Set’s instant skin firming and lifting!

The recipe for tight & firm skin

Blessinova™ combines the power of absorbable collagen with a blend of platinum gold extract, hydrolyzed silk, and other natural plant extracts to smoothen and firm skin. Used in conjunction with the nano gold essence serum, the protein thread is easily dissolved as it massages the skin and to allow it to absorb the nutrients from the serum.

Enjoy indescribable beauty

Using the Korean Protein Lifting Threading Set a few times a week will improve your overall skin elasticity and glow, increasing the skin’s hydration, diluting the laugh lines, eye wrinkles, and forehead lines, plumping up apple muscles, and lifting the jawline.

► COMBAT & PREVENT SIGNS OF AGING Protein thread lifting technology + liquid nano gold essence help combat signs of skin aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, loose skin, rough skin texture and dark spots.

► AN INSTANT FACELIFT Soluble gold protein threads can be used on the neck, cheek, forehead, smile lines, jawline or any part of the face for an instant facelift and skin tightening. It dissolves as it gently massages the neck and facial skin, letting the skin absorb the product's nutrients.

► FOR ALL SKIN TYPES Essence serum spray contains gentle, safe and natural plant ingredients, making it suitable for any skin type.

► IMPROVES SKIN ELASTICITY & TEXTURE Platinum gold extract from the spray serum stimulates skin cell regeneration and restores skin elasticity. Regular use will result in smoother and firmer skin as the duo improves skin elasticity and moisture level over time.

► RICH IN NATURAL INGREDIENTS Oat extract is rich in antioxidants and gives instant relief to dry skin, making your skin supple, wrinkle-free, clear, and plump. Hydrolyzed silk protein protects the skin barrier and retains its moisture, improving skin texture, tightening and lifting skin, and leaving a radiant glow

  • Spray the Nano Gold Essence evenly on your clean, dry face.
  • Gently place the golden protein lines on your cheek, forehead, smile lines, jawline, or any part you want. It can also be used on your neck.
  • Spray the essence serum again to dissolve the protein thread.
  • Gently massage until the essence is absorbed.


  • Use the Korean Protein Lifting Threading Set 1-2 times per week.
  • Use a whole bottle of the Nano Gold Essence spray for the first application, and divide the rest into two pieces. Spray on your face every morning and evening.
  • It is recommended to use three full sets of the Korean Protein Lifting Threading Set for a full treatment.
  • Results may vary with different serums. We recommend using our 24K Nano Gold Essence in our set for better results.

  • Item Type: Protein Peptide Essence Serum + Soluble Protein Thread
  • Weight: 5 x 15ml
  • Formulation: Liquid Protein Peptide Essence Serum
  • Ingredients: Oat extract, hydrolized silk, gold extract, glycyrrhiza glabra, water, collagen, protein peptide essence.
  • 5x 24K Nano Gold Essence
  • 2x 20 Soluble Protein Thread


Faith Contreras (52), San Diego, California

"I’m 45 years old but I look older than my age because of the saggy facial skin and eye wrinkles. Procedures done by the dermatologist are too expensive for me. So I’ve constantly been on the lookout for anti-aging products, but have yet to find anything that delivers noticeable results. I purchased a set of this Korean Protein Thread Lifting Set and after using up the product, I can absolutely attest to its effectiveness! This toned my skin and gave an instant lifting effect on the first week of use. My eye wrinkles are also gone! I’m amazed. This beauty care set really saved my skin! My husband even said that my face looks brighter and younger these days. Definitely purchasing again!"

Aubree Barry (27), Dallas, Texas
"I bought this protein lifting threading set to see what the hype is all about. I don’t really have fine lines and wrinkles except a few on my forehead. But I do have skin pigmentation due to frequent sun exposure. My skin is also on the dry side, so anything that adds hydration to my skincare is right up my alley. One use of this protein lifting thread and the essence serum gave me plump skin overnight! I also noticed that it lightens the dark spots and evens out my skin tone. Love it!"

Mercedes Irwin (46), Scottsdale, Arizona
"These are good quality protein threads! Shrunk my pores and smoothened out the lines on my forehead and around the eyes. Amazing! This set feels like a spa session every time I use it. And after weeks of using this protein thread and the essence, my skin looks the way it was in my mid 30s. I will forever keep this Korean Protein Lifting Threading Set in my skincare drawer."

Originally only available in clinics

This alternative can save you hundreds of dollars per year from expensive spa and beauty clinic visits because it allows you to enjoy professional treatments from the comfort of your own home. Avoid time-consuming appointments and start enjoying the power of our protein threads today.

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