Livia™ - Portable Heating Massage Pad

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  • Relieves menstrual pain instantly
  • A harmless alternative to painkillers
  • A relaxing, heated massage

Instantly Relieve Menstrual
Cramps Wherever You Go

Do you regularly suffer from menstrual pain and/or backache? This massage belt offers relief. The belt has a soft cushion with a compress that heats up when you switch it on. You tie the belt around your waist, let it warm up and the massage cushion will instantly relieve pain and cramps!

✓ Goodbye cramps -
 Soothe your cramps instantly —no matter how intense they are. Livia™ warms your belly to an ideal therapeutic temperature to promote blood flow, providing instant relief.

✓ Ditch the pills -
 We've been taught to take pills like Ibuprofen that are riddled with harmful side effects. Did you know that regular use of ibuprofen doubles the risk of a heart attack? Switch to Reliva™ for healthy, drug-free period cramp relief.

✓ Invisible & portable - 
The thin and lightweight design makes Livia™  highly portable and completely unnoticeable under clothing. You can use her whenever and wherever without unwanted eyes and attention.

✓ Live life blissfully - Now, you can take back control over your life. Stay on top of your school, work and your goals. And become the best version of yourself.

If you regularly suffer from menstrual cramps and/or back pain, it unfortunately means that these symptoms will not just go away. Often, this kind of pain affects your day and even makes you function less. If you are looking for an accessible way to make the pain more bearable for yourself without medication, then this massage belt is the solution!


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