Skin Nova™ + Free Senzzi® Serum

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Instantly defined jawline & cheekbones, effortlessly 

A non-invasive face device that instantly gives you a more toned appearance. Our micro-current toner device tightens and lifts your facial muscles with the help of our alpha wave technology. A complete workout for your facial muscles, just like you would do to your body.

Within one week of daily use, I had three different family members tell me how much weight I lost.. I hadn’t lost any weight, in fact I was up 1kg but my face looked so well defined and my double chin was basically non existent Finally loving my face shape again! -
Sara Lavelle

"I have only used this for one month. After the very 1st use I already saw plumper looking face, eyes, and neck ! I am excited to see how the progress continues !" - Penny Wells

No gimmicks • No needles • Risk-free

MAY Update: If the price is back to $99 then our spring clearance sale has unfortunately ended and we have run out of discounted Skin Nova™ devices.

✓ A non-invasive face lift -  Safely & effectively train & tone the 65+ muscles in your face & neck with microcurrent technology. A quick & simple, instant face lift with lasting results to help improve facial sagging, reduce puffiness & double chin

✓ Recharged skin - Limit the effects of aging on your skinMicrocurrent technology stimulates the skin and muscles below, offering an ultra-energizing facial to revive tired, aging skin

✓ Youthful radiance - 
Low-frequency massage improves skin's microcirculation to help eliminate toxins & improve the absorption of skin care products - resulting in a smoother, softer, more glowing complexion

✓ Your personal dermatologist - Made to last for years to come, requiring no replacement parts whatsoever. Enjoy professional treatments from the comfort of your own home and save yourself some time and money.

1. Make sure both SKINNOVA™ and your face are clean and dry, with no remaining residue. 

2. Then apply a thin layer of LATIFY® evenly across all areas of the face/neck you wish to treat.

3. Lightly press both metallic spheres to your skin & slowly glide the device upwards across your cheekbones & forehead, around your lips & over your jawline & neck as desired, with light pressure.

4. Pat any remaining serum into your skin, or rinse and pat dry your face & device as preferred.

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